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Team Building: The Architecture of Success

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It’s fitting that Frank Lloyd Wright’s Wingspread is the centerpiece of Wingspread Retreat & Executive Conference Center. The former family home of Herbert F. Johnson, Jr., is a monument to teamwork and productive compromise.

From two different worlds, Wright and Johnson were nearly polar opposites. Johnson was a corporate executive and conservationist, while Wright was a fiery, independent creative. Stories of Wright’s need for control are abound. “I respect ‘hunches’ of others, that is, should they correspond with mine!” says a famous, handwritten note by Wright.

However, he and Johnson found common ground on many points. In fact, it was Johnson’s rough sketch that was inspired by the Drake Hotel in Chicago, which Wright adopted as the foundation for Wingspread's design.

The ability to collaborate, compromise and overcome challenges – it’s not an official definition of resilient, but the quality of team resiliency is certainly a key aspiration of leaders.