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Historic Meetings

Landmark Conferences

For decades, Wingspread has had the honor of being host to some of the world's greatest leaders, visionaries and problem-solvers. We invite you to walk in their footsteps when you host your next meeting at Wingspread.

Create intimate, inspiring meeting and conference experiences that foster collaboration and innovative problem-solving. Bringing almost six decades of convening expertise to regional, national and global groups of leaders and experts, the Foundation is wholly dedicated to convening for positive and lasting change.

Several organizations were conceived here, among them:  National Endowment for the Arts, National Public Radio, International Criminal Court, Presidential Climate Action Plan, Notable Figures Who Attended or Hosted Meetings at Wingspread.
Walter Cronkite at Wingspread
Woman shaking hands with two gentlemen
picture of a sandra day o'connor
Ralph Nader at table with others
Jesse Jackson standing with papers in his hand
Group of people sitting at a meeting table