Wingspread Retreat & Executive Conference Center

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Take Your Team to New Heights of Production and Inspiration

At Wingspread Retreat and Executive Conference Center, we welcome meeting guests with warmth to this thought-provoking setting. Our secluded and serene location provides a safe, inviting meeting environment for the free and open exchange of ideas through civil discourse. Comfortable accommodations, available campus exclusivity and attentiveness to participants' every need minimizes distractions and maximizes engagement.

The minute you drive through our gates, the campus is yours.

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The Wright House for the Right Meeting.

The heart of the Wingspread Retreat & Executive Conference Center is the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed architectural treasure built in 1939 for the H.F. Johnson, Jr. family in Racine, Wisconsin. Donated to The Johnson Foundation, Wingspread is now the centerpiece of 36 peaceful, private acres along Lake Michigan.
Wingspread is located just 35 minutes from Milwaukee and 90 minutes from Chicago.


"The guest house experience was top notch and I really enjoyed my time at the conference center. The grounds were beautiful and the time there really felt like an escape from real life and a true retreat experience."
"...They went beyond expectations with the individually wrapped silverware, and the presentation for the dinner buffet was a nice touch. The staff was very attentive and personable. Wingspread and staff were excellent!"
"I think I spent an hour talking to my family about how amazing everything was - especially all the thought that was put into the meals. It was so nice to be so well provided for in the midst of chaos in the rest of the world."
"A wonderful experience! Cannot stop telling family and friends how impressed I was with the venue, staff, and detail-oriented accommodations."
"The food was both gorgeous and delicious. The options were perfect and the service was second to none! You have fantastic employees!"