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Success Story: Wingspread Retreat & Executive Conference Center - A Haven for Family Businesses

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First Supply, a family-led company based in Wisconsin, needed a venue that could provide more than just a space for organizational meetings. They sought a sanctuary where generations of family members could gather, share sensitive information, and nurture the legacy of their business. 

Enter Wingspread Retreat & Executive Conference Center, an exclusive venue known for its ability to cater to the unique needs of family-led businesses like First Supply.


First Supply faced the challenge of finding a venue that could offer privacy, comfort, and security for their family meetings. They needed a space where confidential discussions could take place without the risk of outside interruptions or indiscretion. 

They wanted a venue that could accommodate the educational needs of future generations within the company, ensuring that knowledge and traditions would be passed down for years to come.


Wingspread Retreat & Executive Conference Center emerged as the perfect solution for First Supply's needs.  With its secluded location and luxurious amenities, Wingspread offered the privacy and comfort necessary for sensitive discussions. 

Kathy Young, Executive Administrative Assistant at First Supply, highlights the importance of venue exclusivity in facilitating secure family meetings: "I think any company that wants to hold that type of meeting just needs to feel safe and comfortable sharing sensitive information without outside interruptions."

Wingspread provided ample opportunities for educational initiatives, allowing First Supply to impart knowledge and preserve its legacy for future generations. Kathy explains, "We want the business to be a legacy and pass it down to their family. So, we are also trying to create educational courses for the different generations coming up because, as a company that's 126 years old, it's very important to pass that knowledge on."


First Supply's experience at Wingspread exceeded expectations. 

The stakeholders enjoyed the comfortable and secure environment provided by the venue, prompting them to return for subsequent meetings.

Kathy reflects on their experience: "Our company stakeholders enjoyed working with and having everything set up at Wingspread. They enjoyed their experience so much they decided to do it again.

This is the first year we've actually returned to the same facility. Usually, we pick a different place each year. "We have even added an extra day!"

Future Outlook

As family businesses like First Supply continue to evolve, so too will their needs in selecting venues for family meetings. 

Wingspread Retreat & Executive Conference Center stands ready to meet these evolving needs, offering a beacon of innovation and progress for family-led businesses seeking to nurture growth and continuity. 

Through its commitment to excellence and dedication to preserving family legacies, Wingspread ensures that the tradition of secure and productive family meetings will endure for generations to come.


About Wingspread Retreat & Executive Conference Center

Nestled on the shores of Lake Michigan, Wingspread Retreat & Executive Conference Center is a beacon of architectural beauty and innovation. Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, it offers serene spaces for thought leaders to convene, collaborate, and innovate. With its spacious meeting areas and tranquil surroundings, Wingspread inspires deep reflection and fosters meaningful connections. It's more than just a venue; it's a catalyst for transformative experiences, where leaders can recharge and chart a course for the future amidst nature's embrace.