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Introducing Heather Roose, Our New Sales Director Embracing Wisconsin’s Beauty and Wingspread’s Mission

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Wingspread Retreat & Conference Center is delighted to introduce Heather Roose, our new Director of Sales. 

With a strong background in sales and hospitality, Heather brings a wealth of experience and an infectious enthusiasm for the natural splendor and architectural marvels that define Wingspread. Her dedication to our mission promises to inject fresh energy and a renewed sense of purpose into our team.

From Sun to Serenity: Heather’s Journey to Wingspread

Heather’s journey to Wingspread is as inspiring as it is intriguing. Hailing from the sunny state of Florida, Heather has cultivated a distinguished career in sales and hospitality. However, she didn't just relocate to Wisconsin for professional reasons. The allure of our state’s serene and picturesque environment captivated her. 

“This is one of the most peaceful, serene, and gorgeous places on earth,” Heather shares.

She is particularly enamored by our facility's harmonious blend of architectural beauty and natural tranquility, a testament to Frank Lloyd Wright’s vision of fashioning Wingspread’s design.

Wingspread is not merely a retreat; it is a sanctuary of purposeful gatherings, reflecting a deep-seated commitment to fostering meaningful connections and inspiring innovation.

Heather thrills at representing this mission and eagerly welcomes small groups to experience Wingspread's unique magic.

“We have an awesome hotel that accommodates small groups, and we just want to bring purpose and represent the foundation’s mission,” she explains.

Embracing Wingspread’s Natural Surroundings

Beyond her professional role, Heather has wholeheartedly embraced Wisconsin's outdoor wonders. Each weekend, she and her puppy embark on adventures to explore the state’s extensive park system. One of her favorite discoveries is the Oak Leaf Trail, a scenic path stretching from Oak Creek to Milwaukee.

“We’re learning about the Oak Leaf Trail, which is one of the coolest things,” Heather says. She fills her weekends by immersing herself in Wisconsin's natural beauty through exploration.

Heather has also developed a fondness for Wisconsin’s vibrant food scene, particularly its renowned cheese. “You gotta have the cheese,” she exclaims, perfectly capturing the local culinary culture.

The Perfect Fit

This blend of professional dedication and personal passion makes Heather an ideal fit for Wingspread, where the essence of place is as important as its purpose.

Heather’s arrival at Wingspread Retreat & Conference Center signifies a new and exciting chapter. Her passion for the environment, unwavering commitment to our mission, and enthusiasm for her new home in Wisconsin align seamlessly with the values we uphold. She will enhance the guest experience with her leadership, ensuring that every Wingspread visit is inspiring and unforgettable.

Please join us in welcoming Heather Roose to the Wingspread family. Her vision and dedication are bound to elevate our retreat center, furthering Wingspread’s legacy as a place where inspiration and connection thrive. With Heather on board, we look forward to many more years of purposeful gatherings and serene retreats amidst Wisconsin’s beauty.

We invite you to experience Wingspread Retreat & Conference Center. Whether you are planning a corporate retreat, family reunion, or small gathering, Heather and our dedicated team are here to ensure that your time at Wingspread is marked with peace, inspiration, and a touch of Wisconsin’s natural charm.

Welcome, Heather Roose, to our Wingspread community! It’s a pleasure to have you.