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Don’t Give Winter Meetings the Cold Shoulder

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What do s'mores, snowman-making, and sledding have in common? They make for invigorating meeting breaks as part of your corporate retreat in Wisconsin in the wintertime!  And you can typically add another ‘S’ - for savings!

Not only is the scenery picturesque, but the snow-covered landscape provides a creative backdrop for team-building and networking activities everyone can enjoy.

‘We think our winter meetings are extra-special here at Wingspread Retreat & Conference Center.’ General Manager, Eric Bates, shares some compelling reasons why Wingspread in the winter could be the warmest destination you’ve been to all year.

5 Reasons to Plan a Winter Meeting at a Wisconsin Conference Center

Eric says, "there are many reasons why meetings, especially winter meetings here at Wingspread, can be especially engaging."  ‘It may be a bit chilly, but there are so many reasons not to turn a cold shoulder on a winter meeting for your group."  It's a unique experience with fun activities you don't get to do any other time of year. Here's what makes these meetings so successful.

1. Shorter Days, Bigger Impact

It may seem counterintuitive for planners to want shorter meeting days, but if you have a more focused agenda, an impactful short meeting stills feel like a full day of accomplishment, given the shorter winter days.  

Eric says, "Start in the morning with a nice, hot breakfast, then deliver a short series of meetings throughout the day interspersed with fun and creative outdoor breaks in the afternoon. Attendees finish the day as the sun sets and people gather around our big, roaring fire outside, sipping hot beverages or enjoying warm snacks or meals.  It creates a friendly, cozy atmosphere ... and best of all, it's probably only 5:30 or 6:00 in the evening. So you're not keeping them out too late."  It makes for the perfect day meeting too.

Shorter meetings have other benefits as well, such as:

  • Allowing for more social and networking time during breaks or in the evening hours.
  • Encouraging people to stay engaged and participate fully in the meeting since it's a manageable event.
  • Helping people avoid burnout from a packed agenda, yet still allowing focus on what’s most important.

2. Beat Cabin Fever

People tend to stay inside during the winter, especially with emerging work-from-home trends. Winter meetings are not only a great remedy for cabin fever but also the ideal time to bring people out of hibernation and reconnect face-to-face.

"I think it's important for people to get out, especially in the wintertime when they're starting to feel a little locked in and stir-crazy," says Eric. "They can come to Wisconsin, where it's beautiful in the wintertime, convene with their colleagues in a unique environment, feel a little nostalgic over a dripping, fireside s’more, and get invigorated for the year ahead. Wingspread is a great place to be for a corporate meeting - and that’s just a few of the reasons why."

3. Play in the Snow

When was the last time you enjoyed the snow, like when you were a kid? Building a snowman, friendly (and lightly-packed) snowball fights, cast-iron mini-pies around an open campfire, sledding, or building snowmen.  Connecting with your inner child inspires creativity and encourages teamwork - all of which benefit your work.

Reconnect with that creative spark and let Wisconsin show you how to have winter fun in ways you likely haven’t in a long time.

Eric shares, "we had a group that came out for a fun winter meeting and had a team competition to build their corporate logo out of snow. We had a blast, the team had a blast, and we could see everyone bonding through it all. It was so much fun!"

4. Cozy Convening Spaces

Wisconsin conference centers offer more than just great views of the snow-covered landscape. They also provide a warm and cozy atmosphere for your meeting or event.

The residential-style of our Guest House features a beautiful living room with a huge fireplace where everyone can gather. Bates says, "it's really cozy, and people can have their coffee in the morning or drinks in the evening around the roaring fireplace. It's a great place for people to convene, network, and socialize."

When you're out of the office, you want to be able to relax and make deeper connections with your colleagues, and Wingspread is the perfect place to do that.

5. Budget-Friendly

And now for that last ‘S’ - savings!  Meetings in the off-season allow you the opportunity to save on your meeting budget and available dates are easier to find. Wingspread's southeastern Wisconsin conference center offers affordable rates and attractive packages that make it possible to host a winter meeting on a budget.

Your return on investment is higher because you're getting more value for your money and condensing your agenda.

Best of all, Wingspread is offering a Buy One, Get One Deal this winter (January - March of 2023 only). When you plan your meeting with us this winter, we'll add a second day to your meeting for nothing or allow you to come back for a day meeting any time before the end of March 2023.

Wingspread is a magical destination year-round, but winters are particularly special on our private 36-acre campus. As the snowflakes fall, it's the perfect time to plan your next Wisconsin meeting at Wingspread!