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One of the Most Energetic Meeting Trends for 2019!


Meetings in Motion, Part I: Nature

“Nothing happens until something moves.” – Albert Einstein

Did you know that one of the most energetic meeting trends for 2019 is the walking meeting? Designed to heighten the awareness of participants through physical activity and sensory stimulation, walking meetings remove both real and perceived barriers of communication for meeting attendees.  

The most frequent purposes for businesses and organizations to convene meetings are to plan change or progress, to discover new paths that achieve forward momentum, and to achieve agreement. It seems only natural, then, that physical movement of some kind should be part of all meetings.  

The hierarchy of authority, for example, is shed when everyone steps out from behind the table and takes a stroll. The walking meeting also releases chemicals in the brain that result in positive attitudes and enhanced creativity. 

The best outdoor walking meeting venues engage attendees in both natural and man-made landscapes. Last year meeting planners found a venue perfect for meetings in motion – on Wisconsin’s Wind Point Peninsula in Racine at Wingspread’s Executive Conference Center. Historically a private property, this conference venue was opened for public bookings in early 2018.

Located 30 minutes from Milwaukee and 90 from Chicago, Wingspread’s conference center is surrounded by none of the distractions of traditional meeting and convention spaces. No traffic, auto or otherwise, no streetlights, urban noise or random pedestrians. The physical centerpiece of the property, Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Wingspread,” reaches out toward all four corners of the earth, evoking a sense of movement and energy.  

Enveloped by nature year-round, Wingspread itself changes through the seasons, focusing attention on the surrounding 36-acre designated wildlife preserve. Here your group can traverse the wide, pea-gravel footpaths that lead through the property’s wooded area, populated by sugar maple, American beech and birch trees.

Your walking meeting will take you past the man-made ravine, where ash, cottonwood and black willows keep their “feet” wet. Local wildlife – both fowl and mammal – entertain near the man- made stream and ponds. This journey also will allow your group to fully appreciate Wright’s inspired design of the Wingspread building from every angle.

In peak season, the historic property is in bloom with flowers. There are dozens of planned flower beds as well as wild- flowers – marsh marigold, trillium and trout lily brighten the landscape surrounding the ravine. The planned beds frame the walkways and structures throughout the grounds. In harvest season, you’ll enjoy the aroma of the grape vines heavy with fruit in season that, after more than 100 years, still drape the exterior of Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture.

This year, give your meetings movement in the great outdoors. Wingspread’s experienced team can plan your walking meeting to include brief or extended pauses on the property’s lawns and patios, giving everyone a moment to contemplate the dialogue and leadership a perfect opportunity to summarize progress, secure consensus and introduce new paths of discussion.